So Pure 750 ml Body Lotion

Sensitive skin is often the result of a defect in the skin’s protective outer layer – known as the epidermal lipid barrier layer – allowing irritants, microbes and allergens to penetrate the skin and cause adverse reactions. Pollution, stress, hormonal fluctuations, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, medical procedures and even over-processed or over-exfoliated skin can all lead to sensitization.

Dr V’s So Pure Lotion is a superior all over body moisturiser – developed specifically to minimize all those harmful effects, and is pure and extra gentle for all skin types. Combined with the natural healing properties of Moroccan Argan Oil and Avocado Oil, it is rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and amino acids.This soothing body lotion will leave your skin feeling refreshed, silky smooth and hydrated.

For best results apply Dr V So Pure Lotion after drying.

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