Skin Strategy for Ageing

The common concern of ageing skin is not just about what you put on your skin. The appearance of fine lines can be mistaken as ageing in under 30’s especially. Hydration is important and the amount of fluids you consume (that are not dehydrating) is an important step in help your skin with fine lines. Genetics, nutrition, exercise, non-smoking, minimising alcohol consumption, whether you work in air conditioning or outdoors are also many of the variable factors impacting how your skin matures.

Ageing skin is not just about your face, it’s your neck, décolletage and the hands – these are also tell-tale areas of your body that suggest “ageing”. A moisturiser that’s lightweight, easy to use regularly and one that doesn’t have too much fragrance (to conflict with your cologne or perfume), is highly desired by most.

We suggest the Night Lanolin cream before going to bed, for your face, neck, chest and hands. Compliment this with a day moisturiser of your choice, depending on how your skin is at that time. If you are wanting a generic anti-ageing day cream, go for the Emu Oil or Macadamia Oil Creams. It’s also a great option for sensitive skin. See Emu Oil for more information.

For a higher powered option, try the Native Australian Lanolin products.

If you are exposed to too much sun one day: Avocado cream.

If you break out in a light rash or suffer from occasional skin concerns like eczema, heat rash, or maybe you’ve brushed up against a plant that has caused a reaction: try Dr V’s.