Skin Strategy for Dry and Oily Skin

Dry Skin – needs a lot of regular attention, but don’t use too much!! You’re skin needs small doses regularly, excessive use of anything on the skin or hair will leave a residue and build up. Over moisturising is destined to cause break outs and/or clog this skin, so resist the urge!

Treat dry skin with care and moisturising regularly is just as important as what you are washing your skin with in the shower. Many body washes, creams and lotions these days contain surfactants. This is a technical name for an ingredient that cleanses. Surfactants are harsh, they strip the skin of natural oils, leaving your skin feeling dry after you’ve washed your hands or stepped out of the shower.

We strongly recommend Dr V moisturisers and Body Washes to be used in conjunction with each other. You also need to have something with you in your car or bag for during the day. Any of our Australian Creams will do, as your primary concern is to moisturise.Just take the time to read about our different active ingredients, so you can make an informed decision about which variant, best suits your skin’s needs.

Oily Skin – The feature our customers loved most over the last 20 years about our products is that they all easily absorb into the skin, without clogging the pores or feeling greasy. Oily skin is a delicate balance between cleaning and moisturising. After you have washed your face & body, use a light moisturiser, if you don’t, you will encourage more oil production – it’s your skin’s natural defence mechanism.

Specifically – for Acne prone skin, moisturise with the Tea Tree Oil or Lemon Tree Tree Oil Creams on your face. Your other option is the Emu Oil Cream. Both contain antibacterial properties. If you don’t like Tea Tree, go for the Goats Milk with Manuka Honey Cream.