Strategy for Infant Care

Young children’s skin is delicate and does not need harsh cleansing agents. In fact, nobody should be using harsh cleansing agents on their skin, only effective cleansing agents – there’s a big difference!

Products that are free from mineral oils, parabens, artificial colours and free from artificial fragrance, is what parents should consider first as an additive for bub’s bath water. For adults with skin conditions, you really should consider using similar products.

The Dr V range ticks all the boxes and has been specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind. The So Pure range is perfect for babies and infants. The range is fragrance free, so adults who ideally need such a bodywash, don’t need to worry about smelling like a baby. Our formulation is full of good things, so you only need to use a little; the 750ml pack will last a while.

Have a close look at your packaging at home. Do you see part words saying paraben, or the ingredient list showing colours, fragrance or formaldehyde in the ingredients list? Well, you WON’T find these in Dr V!

The Dr V range was formulated, tested and produced with a qualified Chemist, who has a PhD. The product genuinely is, so gentle – its not a gimmic or clever marketing.