Strategy for Sensitive and Troublesome skin

By troublesome, we refer to the various skin conditions, including joint pain. Sensitive goes hand in hand with troublesome (especially when you suffer from blemishes, eczema, psoriasis and our beautiful young children).

Sensitive and troublesome skin needs:

  • Non comedogenic cream
  • NO artificial fragrance
  • NO harsh actives to agitate open cracks in skin
  • NO artificial colours
  • Highly absorbable, non-greasy absorption into the skin.

You’re in luck! All our products tick these boxes, this is why G&M Australian Creams have been around for so long!

To simplify – Sensitive skin types should definitely bath with Dr V So Pure – it’s so gentle it’s PERFECT for BABIES. For a moisturiser, our most popular is the Sorbolene & Vitamin E varieties. The Avocado Oil Cream and the Goats Milk with Manuka Honey Cream are also very popular for sensitive skin types. The Macadamia Cream is also appropriate for sensitive skin.

When the Native Australian range is launched, try the Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Cream (The actives are in higher concentration, allowing for more of the good stuff to be absorbed readily).

The Dr V range is our premium range of skin care, with the most sensitive types of skin in mind. The pump packs a perfect for use at home and a a perfect partner to the 100ml Australian Cream tubes to keep in your bag for during the day.