1. How can I start selling G&M Products?

You need to contact us through the contact us page. Please provide us with:

(a) Your Company Name
(b) ABN
(c) Location
(d) Website
(e) Phone number
(f) What brands and products you are intersted in (Please look at our Products tab)
(g) Where you are looking to sell our products

2. What is the minimum order quantity for wholesalers?

As at February 2017, any direct orders with G&M Cosmetics is 46 cartons.

3. What are the payment terms for wholesalers?

Our standard payment terms when you first start trading with us is payment upfront. Goods will not be dispatched until the funds have cleared.

4. Can I just email you an order?

No, please contact us first so we can confirm our trading arrangement with you first. Orders are not just automatically processed unless we have ongoing business with you and know who you are.

5. Does G&M sell direct to the public?

No, we do not currently offer direct sales to the public or an online shopping service. Please, refer to the Where to Buy section on our website, there are numerous online retailers and companies selling our products.

6. Does G&M Cosmetics test on animals?

No, we do not.

7. Where are all the G&M products made?

We make all our products here at the Australian Head Office in Taren Point, NSW, Australia.

If you are concerned about authenticity of product found overseas, please, contact us via the Contact Us page on this site.

8. Can I export G&M products to China?

You need to contact our G&M Cometics China office via www.gandmcosmetics.com.cn

Unauthorised trading of G&M products on international sites such at Tmall, Taobao and Alibaba is not permitted and we have been made aware of unathorised traders having their online sites taken down.

Our G&M China and Australian Head offices, issue official distributor certificates when necessary.

9. Is G&M Cosmetics a certified manufacturing site?

Yes, we are ISO:9001 accredited. Please, see our Certifications tab for a copy of the certificate.

10. Can I talk to someone about placing an order?

Yes, please call our office on (+61) 02 9540 3395 and press 1 for Customer Service/General Enquiries or Press 2 to speak directly with our Sales Manager who handles local/direct trade.

11. Some of the products contain Parabens. I have heard mixed news about Parabens. What is G&M’s comment on this?

Please Click here for an official announcement from our Technical Manager.