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Night Time Routine: Lanolin Night

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Mother Nature knows best and lanolin has long been recognised for its unique qualities. Once considered an old fashioned skin softener, lanolin is now making a huge comeback and being hailed as a miracle moisturiser.

Lanolin is actually the waxy yellow substance that is extracted from the wool that comes from sheep. It can either be in the form of a wax, which is Lanolin in its solid state, or as an oil, which is Lanolin in its liquid state. Lanolin has a natural and effective waterproofing characteristic that helps the sheep in keeping their coats dry. There are some breeds of sheep that can produce huge amounts of lanolin, which is then extracted from the wool before the wool is processed into textile and yarn.

Scientifically proven, Lanolin is now widely recognised for its impressive benefits for the skin. Its molecular structure most closely resembles that of human skin lipids, and the natural oil creates a semi-occlusive breathable barrier, which both protects and absorbs moisture at the same time. Once it penetrates into the skin, it holds up to 400 times its weight in water, so its benefits are superior to any synthetic cosmetic ingredient. In short, lanolin naturally works double-duty; it both moisturises skin from the outside, creating a protective barrier against the elements, and helps the skin to moisturise itself from within.

Lanolin has been used as a moisturiser since Ancient Greek times. People had first discovered the extraction of Lanolin from wool since at that time tending herds of sheep was the most common form of livelihood for families. In ancient times, lanolin had been popularly used as an emollient due to the fact that it has chemical attributes that are quite similar to those found in the skin lipids of humans. The ancient Greeks and the well-known Greek physician, Discorides, who had first named Lanolin as Oesypus had used Lanolin because of the fact that it was safe to use.

Lanolin and its derivatives are largely used today in the production of personal care products, skin care products and also in a variety of cosmetics. It can be found in skin care, baby care products, shaving products, hair care products, manicuring, and sunscreen and suntan products. It can also be found in facial, lip, and eye makeup. Lanolin is used in most skin care and baby products because of its natural ability to easily blend in with all other ingredients and help form emulsions.

Just as it protects sheep, lanolin is also our skin’s best friend especially in winter. For many people, the cooler days bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet.  For such conditions, we have our most popular and famous product to offer – Australian Lanolin Oil Cream from G&M Cosmetics, #1 Lanolin Brand in Australia. The G&M Lanolin Oil Cream is a super-rich blend of natural Australian Lanolin and Vitamin E to create a unique cream for all skin types. Lanolin is a totally natural emollient and is unsurpassed in its ability to help protect and lubricate the skin. Specially formulated this moisturiser smoothens and softens the skin and is highly recommended for dry and damaged skin.

For some people, the skin problem during winter is worse than just a general tight, dry feeling: they get skin so dry it results in flaking, cracking, even eczema (in which the skin becomes inflamed). For such conditions, we have formulated a specific product – Australian Lanolin Night Cream, a super-rich blend of natural Australian Lanolin and Vitamin E. The Night cream offers extra protection and has a higher concentration of lanolin in its formulation. This extra rich nourishing cream helps protect the skin and is particularly effective when used generously as an overnight treatment.

If you ever wonder why you would need a night moisturiser in addition to your day cream and what the difference is, here is the clear advice from our company PhD Chemist Dr. Visay:

“Night time is when your skin works the hardest; it’s when your skin repairs any damage caused during the day and generates new cells.

That is why night moisturisers should have higher concentrated formulations for a richer, more prolonged absorption into the skin overnight whilst you rest”.

Our Australian Creams™ Lanolin Night Moisturiser is formulated with 37.5% higher dual action anti-oxidant and moisturising ingredients and can penetrate deeper into your skin while you sleep, restoring and rejuvenating your skin for glowing and healthy looking complexion in the morning.