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Environmental Impact Mission Statement 2020

Environmental Impact Mission Statement 2020
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Minimising Our Foot Print

At G&M Cosmetics, minimising our environmental footprint is an ongoing Journey that we are passionate about. We regularly review our business and make changes to ensure that we embrace new technology that allows us to run our operation as efficiently and ethically as possible. We take this approach across all areas of our business from the office spaces, to our manufacturing facilities and warehouse areas. We continually work towards minimising our carbon emissions, increasing our energy efficiency, minimising water usage and improving our packaging.


Minimising Carbon Emissions

  • We minimise transport requirements by running our complete operation from one site. This includes our office, storing of our packaging and raw materials, manufacturing and the storing of finished product.
  • Where possible, we export a large portion of our orders via sea freight. Sea freight leaves a significantly smaller carbon footprint than air freight


Increasing Our Energy Efficiency

  • We are in the process of installing a solar powered farm at our premises. This means that we will produce enough solar energy to run our operation as well as provide energy to those around us.
  • We have invested in energy efficient manufacturing equipment. We have updated all of our manufacturing equipment which has allowed us to reduce our energy usage by as much as 95%.
  • We have installed energy efficient LED lighting in all of our offices and production areas.


Minimising Water Usage

  • We are mindful of this precious resource and recycle the water using during our manufacturing process.


Improving Our Packaging

  • All of our current packaging is recyclable and is made from a portion recyclable material however, we want to do better. We will begin working with new, innovative 100% biodegradable packaging in 2021. This packaging will completely dissolve within 5-6 years once placed in soil.
  • G&M Cosmetics are members of the Australian Packaging Covenant.
  • We offer bulk sizes of many of our products the reduce the need for packaging.

Sourcing Ethical & Sustainable Ingredients 

  • We have 2 complete ranges of Vegan registered skin care products (PURE Papayacare & Australian Creams Kakadu Plum).
  • We regularly carefully review all of the raw materials we source and continue to try and source the best quality, most ethical and sustainable ingredients available.