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Winter Skincare
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Winter Skincare Tips – Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

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Are you keeping your skin healthy this winter? If not, it’s time to change your skincare routine!

Did you know that cold temperatures and low humidity can wreak havoc on your skin? That’s right, as the weather changes, so does our skin. This is why we must adapt our daily skincare routine to suit our skins daily needs, which can change throughout the different seasons of the year.

During the winter months it’s common for skin to become dryer, be more susceptible to cracking and splitting, and also become more itchy, rough or scaly. That is due to the shift from warm and balmy summer air, to cold winter winds and dry indoor heating. Those who suffer from skin conditions, such as Eczema and Psoriasis, need to be particularly prudent when weather changes as their skin is already vulnerable and can easily be affected.

Top Tips to keep your skin healthy this winter

Here are our top tips to keep your skin healthy this winter:

  • Avoid long, hot showers and baths. Showers and baths that are excessively hot may feel nice and warming, however they can strip your skin of its natural oils and weaken the integrity of your skin, causing the skin to feel dry or tight after bathing.
  • Use a nourish body wash and facial cleanser. It is important to ensure that you skin is not stripped of its natural oils by the products you use. You may find that during the winter months you may need to change to products that are more nourishing and hydrating. We recommend choosing products that contain natural oils and butters, as they are well absorbed by the skin.
  • Add nourishing natural oils to your bath water. A simple way to ensure your skin doesn’t loose moisture when bathing to add nourishing oils to the water. We recommend oils that are 100% natural and mineral oil free, as they do not clog pores and are well absorbed by the skin. 
  • Moisturise your skin after bathing. This seems like a common practice for winter skincare, but it’s easy to forget to moisturise, especially if it’s not part of your regular routine. There are a variety of moisturises available for the face and body. When choosing your moisturisers, we recommend ensuring they contain natural, nourishing ingredients. Try avoiding products that contain mineral oil and petroleum, as they can clog your pores and create a barrier on the skin.  When choosing a moisturiser, you may want one that is lightweight and quickly absorbs for the morning, but favour a cream that is thicker and takes longer to absorb in the evening. 
  • Apply SPF daily and limit sun exposure. While the sun can be welcomed in the colder months and it is important to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, it is important to remember that the sun can still cause damage to your skin and increase your risk of melanoma. Therefore, during winter it is still necessary to apply your daily SPF, especially if you are living in Australia where the UV index is quite high. We recommend applying SPF 50+ daily to your face and any exposed areas of skin, and to reapply as often as directed. 
  • Choose emollient ointments and balms for extremely dry patches of skin. If your is cracked, splitting or excessively dry, it might be time to swap from moisturisers that are water based, to an emollient, oil based, ointment or balm. We recommend choosing an ointment or balm that is natural and petroleum free to ensure damaged skin is being properly nourished and treated. As mentioned previously, petroleum jelly creates a barrier on the skin, the barrier can trap existing dirt but also prevent the skin from naturally breathing. Petroleum jelly also provides your skin with little nourishment and is not well absorbed. 

Here are our top product recommendations to combat dry skin this winter:

Body Wash: Dr. V is a proud supporter of the Eczema Association Australasia and specially formulated for sensitive skin without parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance and mineral oil. We recommend the So Pure range for those with extra sensitive skin. Click here to shop.

Body Lotion & Moisturisers: 

Australian Creams: great for value for everyday use, fast absorbing formulation features unique Australian Ingredients, giving variety depending on your skin concern. Click here to shop.

Australian Creams MKII: Paraben and mineral oil free, our MKII range is the option for those who want to enjoy premium skincare. Click here to shop.

Dr. V: For those who suffer from Eczema or have sensitive skin, Dr. V features gentle formulations that hydrate and provide relief from dry skin. We recommend the So Pure range for those with extra sensitive skin. Click here to shop.

Facial Moisturisers:

P’URE Papayacare Papaya Face & Neck Lotion: Papaya Face & Neck Lotion features a Papaya, Calendula and Hyaluronic Acid, to lock in moisture and nourish skin. Papaya Face & Neck Lotion is certified 100% natural, registered vegan and mineral oil free. Click here to shop.

P’URE Papayacare Papaya Glow Face Oil: If regular, water based, moisturisers are not cutting it, try introducing a face oil. Papaya Glow features Papaya, Jojoba and Sunflower oils to deeply penetrate, nourish and hydrate skin overnight. Papaya Glow is certified 100% natural, registered vegan and mineral oil free. Click here to shop.

Kakadu Plum Face & Neck Firming Cream: Formulated with Kakadu Plum, the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid, renowned for it’s anti-aging benefits, Kakadu Plum Face & Neck Firming Cream will hydrate, brighten and firm skin. Kakadu Plum Face & Neck Firming Cream is vegan registered. Click here to shop.

Specialised Moisturisers: 

Dr. V Complete Care Hand & Nail Cream: Hard working hands deserve care. Dr. V Complete Care Hand & Nail Cream nourishes and repairs dry, damaged and irritated skin on the hands. Great for Eczema suffers to keep hands hydrated throughout the day. Complete Care Hand & Nail Cream is fast absorbing, allowing you to get on with work without interruption. Click here to shop.

P’URE Papayacare Papaya Foot & Heel Balm: Foot & Heel Balm features a nourishing combination of Papaya, Cinnamon, Shea Butter, Macadamia and Jojoba Oil, to hydrate and repair cracked and dry feet and heels. Papaya Foot & Heel Balm is certified 100% natural, registered vegan and petroleum free. Click here to shop.

Ointments & Balms:  

P’URE Papayacare Multi-Use products feature 100% active formulas to nourish and moisturise cracked, dry skin. P’URE Papayacare is certified 100% natural, registered vegan and petroleum free. Click here to shop.

Products for Baby:

P’URE Papayacare Baby offers an entire skincare range suitable for everyday use that is specially formulated for baby’s delicate skin. P’URE Papayacare Baby is certified 100% natural, registered vegan, naturally fragranced and petroleum free. We recommend Papaya Baby Balm for patches of dry, irritated skin, including nappy rash and cradle cap. Papaya Baby Head to Toe Wash and Papaya Baby Moisturising Lotion are the ultimate natural and nourishing bath time duo. While Papaya Baby Oil is perfect to add to bath water for added nourishment to relieve irritation and dryness. Click here to shop the entire P’URE Papayacare Baby Range.