Aussie Defence

The Alcohol Free Anti-Bacterial Solution
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Aussie Defence® is our unique Alcohol Free, Vegan friendly, plant based anti-bacterial hand hygiene range.

In our Aussie Defence® anti-bacterial range, we have replaced Alcohol with safer & more effective disinfectants, to gently disinfect, moisturise & protect the skin.

Aussie Defence® is a complete 3 step hand hygiene system featuring Anti-Bacterial instant foaming Hand Wash, instant foaming Hand Sanitiser & an innovative Anti-Bacterial Lemon Tea Tree Cream for long lasting anti-bacterial action. Used together our range will keep your hands clean & free of bacteria for up to 4 hours.

All Aussie Defence® products have been clinically tested & proven to kill 99.99% of germs.

Alcohol Free sanitiser range featuring Antibacterial Lemon Tea Tree Hand Cream
3 Steps for complete anti-bacterial protection (up to 4 hours)
Assist decreasing potentially harmful bacteria on your hands


At G&M Cosmetics we are passionate about the skincare products we make & the ingredients we choose. We carefully select only the finest natural, native Australian, plant derived ingredients & we do not use harsh or harmful chemicals. Our unique, carefully selected ingredients & gentle formulations deliver high quality, effective & affordable skincare for naturally healthy & beautiful skin.
Clinically tested, gentle & safe disinfectants killing 99.9% of germs.
Plant-based powerful moisturiser that improves the smoothness & suppleness of skin.
Lemon Tea Tree Oil
Lemon Tea Tree Oil
A mild natural antiseptic & remedy for various skin ailments.
Vitamin E
Vitamin E
Naturally derived from wheat, this powerful antioxidant helps repair & protect skin.

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